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BCS Auto Paints has been in the auto paint business for over a decade supplying Auto repair paints to the industry for all DIY projects for the home user and to the trade for specialty touch up repairs.

During our time in business we have supplied paints all over the country to leading panel shops , Wheel repairers , trimmers , Auto auctions and to the general public in all forms – Aerosols , Touch up pens and bottles.

All year makes and models made – supply vehicle details and we will make the correct colour in a can , pen or bottle for you. For all metallic colours top coat clear will be required . If we need any more info we will contact you via phone.

We Can make all Auto repair paint pens, aerosol, and scratch brush bottles for all make and model cars and motorbikes.

Our Auto paint mixing systems hold 500,000 paint formulas dating back to the 1950s so we can make almost any Automotive colour available in 2k and (COB) Clear over base.

See BCS Auto Paints For Your Paint Touch Up Project

At BCS Auto Paints we have brush tip pens, aerosols, and brush bottles available for you to repair your scratch and chip problems on your car or motorbike. We help you find the paint you need for professional results you do yourself. The products we offer include all auto paints by make including Touch up paint kits, top coat clears, undercoat primers, tail light paints and dyes, pearl gloss coats, and more. Fix those scratch and chip problems on your car or motorbike or even your motor boat.
Car hit by a rock on the highway? Get a brush tip pen from us and erase that damage.
Like your muscle car? Love it! We offer muscle car specialty paints so your car can look as sleek as it was built to be.
Dinged your boat against the dock once too often? We have the supplies you need to do a quick repair with professional results.
BCS Auto Paints leads the industry in paint supplies for DIY repairs. We do everything we can to help you do it yourself.

When you have minor scratches in your vehicle’s paint, a great way to fix the problem is to apply touch up paint to the area. This paint can typically be matched to the specific color of your car through the vehicle’s manufacturer code. When completed properly, your vehicle’s paint will look as new again.
Once you’ve touched up the paint, car buffing is your next step to ensure that the vehicle looks as fantastic as possible. However, since touch up paint is sometimes imperfect, this can often be a tricky endeavor. To get the best look, be sure to follow these steps:
Grab a few supplies — If you want to do this job properly, you’ll need to start off by picking up a professional grade silicone-free paint polish, sanding block, professional grade hand glaze, and three different sandpaper grits: 600, 1000, and 1500.
Buff it out — To begin the process, you’ll need the 600 grit sand block. Using circular motions, smooth out the uneven areas of the touch-up paint that you’ve previously applied. Limit this buffing motion to the area that was touched up to avoid damaging any other part of your vehicle’s paint.
Keep buffing — You should notice a change already, but you’re not quite there. What you need to do is change to the 1000 grit sand block and buff the area again, using the same circular motion as before. Once that’s done, switch to the 1500 grit sand block and repeat the process until you’re satisfied. At this point, you’ll definitely see a big difference from when you started the process.
Apply polish — Now that you’ve finished the car buffing, it’s time to apply the professional grade, silicone-free polish. Make sure you do this by hand with a clean white towel. Just like the buffing, use smooth, circular motions. Once the touch-up paint shines, you’re done with the polish.
Use a bit of hand glaze — This is the last step in the car buffing process. Apply a bit of the professional grade glaze and rub it with a white towel until it’s glossy. This finishing touch is a must for a really great look.
Many cars that get touched up don’t look as attractive as they could because their owners are unaware of how to conduct car buffing once the touch-up process has been completed. As you can see from the steps above, the process isn’t very difficult. You simply need to follow them closely to ensure a great-looking paint job. If done properly, you’ll be absolutely stunned by how beautiful and new your automobile will look on the road.

We have most colours available to suit the vehicle makes bellow.

  • Acura Touch up car paint
  • Alfa Romeo Touch up car paint
  • Aston Martin Touch up car paint
  • Audi Touch up car paint
  • Bentley Touch up car paint
  • Bmw Touch up car paint
  • Chery Touch up car paint
  • Chevrolet Touch up car paint
  • Chrysler Touch up car paint
  • Citroen Touch up car paint
  • Daewoo Touch up car paint
  • DAF Trucks Touch up car paint
  • Daihatsu Touch up car paint
  • Ferrari Touch up car paint
  • Fiat Touch up car paint
  • Ford Touch up car paint
  • General Motors Touch up car paint
  • Great Wall Touch up car paint
  • Heat paints Touch up car paint
  • Hino Trucks Touch up car paint
  • Holden Touch up car paint
  • Honda Touch up car paint
  • Hummer Touch up car paint
  • Hyundai Touch up car paint
  • Infiniti Touch up car paint
  • International Trucks
  • Isuzu Touch up car paint
  • Iveco Touch up car paint
  • Jaguar Touch up car paint
  • Jeep Touch up car paint
  • Kenworth Trucks Touch up car paint
  • Kia Touch up car paint
  • Lada Touch up car paint
  • Lamborghini Touch up car paint
  • Lancia Touch up car paint
  • Land Rover Touch up car paint
  • Lexus Touch up car paint
  • Leyland Touch up car paint
  • Lotus Touch up car paint
  • Mack Trucks Touch up car paint
  • Mahindra Touch up car paint
  • Maserati Touch up car paint
  • Mazda Touch up car paint
  • Mercedes Benz Touch up car paint
  • Mini Touch up car paint
  • Mitsubishi Touch up car paint
  • MOTORCYCLE PAINTS Touch up car paint
  • AGUSTA  Motorbike Touch up paint
  • APRILLIA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • BENELLI Motorbike Touch up paint
  • BETA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • BIMOTA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • BMW Motorbike Touch up paint
  • BSA  Motorbike Touch up paint
  • BUELL Motorbike Touch up paint
  • BULTACO Motorbike Touch up paint
  • CAGIVA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • DAELIN Motorbike Touch up paint
  • DERBI Motorbike Touch up paint
  • DUCATI Motorbike Touch up paint
  • FANTIC Motorbike Touch up paint
  • FLANDRIA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • GARELLI Motorbike Touch up paint
  • GILERA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • GRANITE Motorbike Touch up paint
  • GRIFFON Motorbike Touch up paint
  • GRIGIO Motorbike Touch up paint
  • HARLEY DAVIDSON Motorbike Touch up paint
  • HONDA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • HUSQVARNA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • ITALJET Motorbike Touch up paint
  • KAWASAKI Motorbike Touch up paint
  • KREIDLER Motorbike Touch up paint
  • KTM Motorbike Touch up paint
  • KYMCO Motorbike Touch up paint
  • LAMBRETTA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • LAVERDA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • LML Motorbike Touch up paint
  • MALAGRITE Motorbike Touch up paint
  • MBK Motorbike Touch up paint
  • MONEYGOYON Motorbike Touch up paint
  • MONTESA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • MORINI Motorbike Touch up paint
  • MOTO-GUZZI Motorbike Touch up paint
  • MOTOBECANE Motorbike Touch up paint
  • MZ Motorbike Touch up paint
  • NORTON Motorbike Touch up paint
  • PEUGEOT Motorbike Touch up paint
  • PIAGGIO Motorbike Touch up paint
  • RENAULT Motorbike Touch up paint
  • SCHWALBE Motorbike Touch up paint
  • SUZUKI Motorbike Touch up paint
  • SYM Motorbike Touch up paint
  • TONCAR Motorbike Touch up paint
  • TRIUPMH Motorbike Touch up paint
  • VOXON Motorbike Touch up paint
  • YAMAHA Motorbike Touch up paint
  • YS Motorbike Touch up paint
  • Nissan Touch up car paint
  • Opel Touch up car paint
  • Peugeot Touch up car paint
  • Piaggio Touch up car paint
  • Porsche Touch up car paint
  • Primer / Clear Touch up car paint
  • Proton Touch up car paint
  • RAL Colours
  • Rolls Royce Touch up car paint
  • Rover Touch up car paint
  • Saab Touch up car paint
  • Scania Touch up car paint
  • Seat Touch up car paint
  • Smart Touch up car paint
  • Specialty Paints Touch up car paint
  • Ssangyong Touch up car paint
  • Subaru Touch up car paint
  • Suzuki Touch up car paint
  • Tail Light Dye / Tint
  • Tata Touch up car paint
  • Touch Up Paints
  • Touch Up Pens
  • Toyota Touch up car paint
  • Vauxhall Touch up car paint
  • Vinyl Paints
  • Volvo Touch up car paint
  • VW Touch up car paint
  • Wheel Paints